Pipe an object forward into a function or call expression and update the lhs object with the resulting value.

lhs %<>% rhs



An object which serves both as the initial value and as target.


a function call using the magrittr semantics.


The assignment pipe, %<>%, is used to update a value by first piping it into one or more rhs expressions, and then assigning the result. For example, some_object %<>% foo %>% bar is equivalent to some_object <- some_object %>% foo %>% bar. It must be the first pipe-operator in a chain, but otherwise it works like %>%.

See also

%>%, %T>%, %$%


iris$Sepal.Length %<>% sqrt x <- rnorm(100) x %<>% abs %>% sort is_weekend <- function(day) { # day could be e.g. character a valid representation day %<>% as.Date result <- day %>% format("%u") %>% as.numeric %>% is_greater_than(5) if (result) message(day %>% paste("is a weekend!")) else message(day %>% paste("is not a weekend!")) invisible(result) }